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It’s easy to qualify and enroll with Easy Wireless.  Simply click on your state of residence, as listed below, to view your state’s eligible qualifiers.   If you participate in any one of the assistance programs shown for your state, you most likely qualify.  You may also be eligible if your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.  Click on Income Eligibility Guidelines to determine income eligibility.


View state specific Eligibility Qualifiers:


Once you have determined your eligibility for the Lifeline assistance program, simply pick the phone of your choice from our Phone page and we will direct you to begin the online enrollment process.  You will be guided through a series of questions to complete the online form.  When finished, please make sure to attach all necessary documents of eligibility proof & identification.  Electronically sign the form and submit your signed application.  That’s it!  Our customer service reps will quickly review your application and contact you to arrange receipt of your free phone.


 Please remember that “Proof of Income” or “Program Participation” are required with your Lifeline form.


If you are interested in our Prepaid service, simply choose your phone today.  Once it arrives, you will activate it by logging back onto this website and at that time, pick a plan that best suits your needs.  Whether you're a gifted talker, an expert texter or spend hours downloading the latest games or videos, we have somthing for everyone at prices affordable for all!


Have more questions about the program or how to enroll?  Check out our FAQ page or give our customer service team a call.  They’ll be happy to assist you!


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