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 How would I qualify for Easy Wireless Lifeline service?
 My phone is not working/I can’t dial out/ My service is going to the automated service each time.
 What is Annual Certification?
  Do any restrictions apply to the Lifeline service
 How can I find more information about my Easy Wireless handset?
 What do I need to do to recertify my eligibility for the Lifeline Assistance program from Easy Wireless?
 How can I apply for Easy Wireless?
 How can I certify my ongoing eligibility for the Lifeline Assistance program from Easy Wireless?
 What should I do if I lose my Easy Wireless phone?
 How much does Easy Wireless cost?
 What should I do if my Easy Wireless phone breaks within the first few weeks?
 When/How do I participate in the Annual Certification process?
 I lost my first phone, and my second phone was just stolen. Is there a limit to how many times my Easy Wireless handset can be replaced?
 What features come with my Easy Wireless plan?
 What if I need more than the 1000 FREE minutes my plan comes with?
 Does my plan include data?
 What if I need to access additional services like international calling?
 How do I add additional minutes to my handset (How do I Top-Up)?
  When will I receive my minutes and text messages each month?
 When I signed up for Easy Wireless, I received the 100 minute plan. Can I change to the 250 minute plan at any time? -
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